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How Pressure Sensors in HVAC System Help?

October 24, 2022

Compressor pressure sensors are important in HVAC/HVACR systems. Traditional HVAC systems use pressure and temperature sensors as well as switches to control the basic operations of the system, such as opening or closing valves, vents, etc. As more requirements for efficiency, the accuracy of the linkage control between the various subsystems is also improved, more and more HVAC pressure sensors are used in the systems.

As building maintenance needs increase, whether commercial or industrial, building safety and occupancy comfort can be enhanced by incorporating pressure sensor in HVAC system, which can be shown in the following aspects.

1. Maintenance of detection area

In HVAC systems, end sensors and controllers are key to ensure the smooth operation of the entire system and achieve energy-saving effects. The filters in the system filter the dust and impurities in the ventilation duct, and the HVAC pressure transducer at the indoor vent monitor the air pressure difference between the two ends of the filter at the air outlet. When dust on the filter gradually affect its air circulation, the air pressure difference between the two ends of the filter will continue to increase. When the sensor senses the pressure change, the upper computer receives the signal from it and when the signal value reaches the alarm point, it will start to alarm.

2. Improve indoor air quality

Air flow in buildings ensures the comfort and health of people living inside, with HVAC pressure sensor application, the air flow and pressure can be measured to improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems.

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3. Optimize HVAC/HVACR systems

By measuring pressure and airflow in individual rooms, the heating/cooling/air flow can be optimized to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems.

With the development of technologies, HVAC pressure sensor price can be accepted by almost all the users, by the other hand, it can also reduce the energy consumption and system costs.


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