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Wireless Temperature Sensor and Wireless Pressure Sensor for Heat Network Monitoring System

October 26, 2022

Current heat exchange station can use advanced devices and technologies to realize remote and accurate monitoring of water pipelines, and wireless temperature sensors and wireless pressure sensors are two commonly used devices to detect the temperature and the pressure accordingly.

System Overview

The heat network monitoring system is mainly used to collect the pressure, temperature and flow of the water supply and return water pipe network of the heat exchange station, and transmits the data to the heat monitoring center through GPRS through wireless type temperature sensors and wireless type pressure sensors.

System composition

Holykell wireless pressure and temperature monitoring system

System functions

Real-time collection of pressure, temperature and flow of primary/secondary water supply and return water pipelines Support remote transmission of data to monitoring center through Internet. With data storage, query, statistics, analysis and other functions. Support automatic alarm when data exceeds the limit.

With the combination of wireless temperature monitoring system and wireless pressure monitoring system, it enables the staff to know the operation status of the entire heat exchange system in real time in the monitoring center, and make timely adjustments according to the changes in the monitoring data.


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