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How We Install Submersible Borehole Level Sensors

June 13, 2022

To real-time monitor the actual water level in deep wells, in tanks or in confined spaces, we suggest using Holykell submersible borehole level sensors that feature small diameter Ø19mm and Ø 16mm, range up to 500m.

Here is the installation method for submersible borehole level sensors.

1. Installation method for still wells or tanks:

①When it is installed in a static deep well or tank, a steel pipe is usually fixed in the water, and then put the level sensor into the metal pipe. ②Fix the sensor to the metal tube. ③Suspension method: Install through the cable hanger

How we install submersible borehole level sensors

2. Installation method for flowing water:

Put sensors into an appropriately sized metal tube.


The submersible borehole level sensors should be installed vertically, away from the liquid inlet and outlet, to avoid sediment and other impurities burying or blocking the probe.


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