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How to Install Clamp-on Ultrasonic Level Flow Meter

January 15, 2021

A clamp-on ultrasonic level flow meter is a kind of flow meter that is installed on the pipes by a clamp. Its installation is easy but some aspects should be noted to achieve best measurement results.

Cares to be Noted

Care should be taken for the installation of the clamp-on ultrasonic level flow meters. Steps are as follows.

Installation Steps

Locate for clamp-on ultrasonic level flow meter an optimum position where the straight pipe length is sufficient, and where pipes are in a favorable condition, e.g., newer pipes with no rust and ease of operation; Clean any dust and rust. For a better result, polishing the pipe with a sander is strongly recommended; Apply adequate coupler to the spot where the flow meters are to be installed and leave no gap between the pipe surface and the transducers;Extra care should be taken to avoid any sand or dust particles left between the pipe outer surface and the transducers.To avoid gas bubbles inside the upper part of the pipe, the transducers should be installed horizontally by the side of the pipe.

User Manual to be Followed

These are the recommended installation tips of clamp-on ultrasonic level flow meters. Since such flow meters produced by different manufacturers might slight vary, user manual should be read and followed before actual installation.