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How to Solve Common Problems of Wireless Pressure Sensors

September 28, 2021

With the development of current technology and communication network, wireless pressure sensors are getting more popularity. While during use, some users may not be familiar with the operation,here are common questions met by our customer while the cause is probably not the sensor itself.

Question 1: With the SIM card installed per the instruction, APN information configured, but the data can't be uploaded to the cloud platform. Why?

Probability 1: SIM card is not activated or data plan is not available.

2. SIM card is out of credit.

3.SIM card is installed reversed.

4.The sensor does not support the SIM card from this telecom operator.

5.The antenna is not installed or the antenna plug is loose or not connected.

6.The configuration corresponding to relevant protocol is not completed.

Question 2:With wireless pressure sensors configured correctly, while the host software can't get data. Why?

Probability 1: The RS485 port is connected in the wrong place.

2.The RS485-to-USB/RS232 device is not suitable. Replace with another better converter.

3.If LAN is connected with the PLC, check if its setting of the internal IP address is correct.

4.The communication is normal, uses can't get data, check the power supply of the sensor, transmission terminal, or if the internal frequency configured and the rate are identical with those of the receiver.

                                                                       Wireless pressure sensors are used for pressure measurement

Question 3: The battery is dead with a few days. Why?

Probability 1: Check the data reporting interval. Too short time interval consumes the battery power quickly.

2.Check the data sampling interval. Too short time interval consumes the battery power quickly.

3.Check if the data packaging and uploading function is enabled.

4. Check if water enters into the wireless pressure sensors or other damage of the sensor occurs.