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How to Solve Voltage Moving in Using Submersible Level Transmitters

March 12, 2021

One client from the Philippines bought 10pcs of submersible level transmitters HPT604 last time. He owns several water tanks and would use them to measure and control the water level.

While after he installed these submersible level transmitters, he feedback that there was voltage moving and would like solutions. Our engineers advised that this happens only for sensors with voltage output and the customer can check below:

1. The supply voltage fluctuation, this product is proportional output, the voltage rises output with the rise. This is less likely, generally using a regulated circuit;

2. As the product is in the container, there is pressure caused by fluctuations;

3. The output uses the resistor divider, and then ADC (analog-to-digital conversion), the method of signal processing may affect the output signal accuracy. Voltage resistance is not marked, the load current can not be calculated, but the voltage output produces low load capacity, generally it need connect high input impedance circuit or instrument; if you need access the low impedance circuit, then follow the device to increase the load capacity, so the possibility of this impact is greater.


                                                               Submersible water level sensors are used for water measurement


He worked out the problem after checking the above, these submersible level transmitters work fine. Actually, these submersible water level transmitters are easy to operate with up to 10+ years life, in condition that they are installed and operated properly.


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