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I2C Pressure Sensors for Industrial Use

December 01, 2020

Not all people heard about I2C pressure sensors as they come into use in these recent years while they are superior on other kinds of sensors to some extents.

What's I2C Pressure Sensor

Actually I2C pressure sensors refer to a pressure sensor which uses I2C( Inter-Integrated Circuit) protocol to communicate digitally. Unlike traditional industrial pressure sensors with analogue output signal,I2C interface makes it suitable for a wide range of pressure measurement applications in OEM and machine building applications, including food processing machines, medical devices, pharmaceutical machines and other process engineering equipment.


                                                                      I2C pressure sensors are used for indutrial pressure measurement


What We Benefit from I2C Pressure Sensors?

Their main advantages are as follows:

Only two wires are needed: a data wire and a clock wire. The bus interface has been integrated inside the chip, optimizing the mainboard space and cost. No matter how many devices there are on the bus, only two wires are used so it makes wiring easier.

Secondly they feature low power consumption, strong anti-interference, and long transmission distance.

Thirdly I2C pressure sensors provide complete integration flexibility, enabling localised bus configuration, which gives the user serial communications with the sensor.


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