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HPT200 Universal Industrial Pressure Sensor

Industrial pressure sensor use high quality Measuring range imported U.S.A piezoresistive pressure sensor, Complete with a fully welded316 stainless steel housing, high shock and vibration and EMI/RFI protection. The Hirschmann, directly cable and M12*4PIN interface with SDI and I2C output. 

Application :

● Hydraulic pneumatic equipment

● Gauge, Absolute, Negative, Sealing Pressure Measurement

● Hydro-power

● Intelligent building

● Production control

● Petrochemical

● Pressure measuring instruments

01Fully Welded Stainless Steel Housing
02Non-linearity up to 0.125 % of span
03High Shock and Vibration
04Full sealed high stability impact design
05Customized outputs, electrical connections and pressure ports

Holykell-Measuring Instrument


Technical Data



Pressure Range

 Gauge /Absolute/Sealed gauge/Negative pressure optional

Safe Overload

200% F.S.

Burst Pressure

500% F.S.


≤ ±0.25%F.S,≤ ±0.1%F.S (by customized)

Long Stability


Working Temp

-20℃~80℃(corrosive medium);

-40℃~80℃(non-corrosive medium)

Storage Temp

-40℃~125℃(Nitrile rubber sealing ring);

-30℃~150℃(fluororubber rubber sealing ring)

Medium Compatible

Compatible with 316L


4~20mA , 0~5V, Double 4-20mA,4-20mA+HART,RS485...                                                                 

Power Supply

7~30V,8~30Vdc,12~30Vdc, 3.3~36Vdc...

Body material

316L stainless steel

Material of diaphragm

316L Stainless steel

Filling oil

Silicon oil (Typical);  Fluorocarbon oil (Oxygen Services, by customized)

Electronic connection

DIN43650 Hirschmann Connector

4 Pin Type

Direct cable outlet type

Pressure connect port

G1/4’’male, G1/2’’male, 1/8’’NPT male, 1/4’‘NPT male, 

1/2’‘NPT male and female optional(by customized)

Water Proof

IP65- IP67

Response time



Temperature Range by customized, Maximal range: -40…+100 °C

Oil Filling Fluorocarbon oil (O2-compatible), olive-oil, lowest temperature oil (-55 °C)

withstand Xylene medium pressure and level application (customized)

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