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Marine Level Sensor for Sea Water Tanks

November 03, 2020

A plant operator in Indonesia is looking for a marine level sensors for his sea water tank projects. He is working for an energy plant that generally uses sea water for their pump cooling systems.

Marine Level Sensor for Sea Water Tanks

The marine level sensor is specially designed for use in continuous submersion in seawater. In Indonesia, due to easy reach of the sea, seawater can be fed into the cooling system of the energy plant and used to effectively control the temperature of the boiler turbines. The level in these tanks sometimes changes very quickly and operations must be taken according to the data collected by the sensor. Actually, it is a submersible level sensor which can provide continuous level monitoring. And one aspect is to be noted that since they are used for long-time immersion in saline water, its corrosion-resistance level should be beyond other conventional submersible products that are used in ordinary liquids, which can be strengthen from the core diagram, structure and material of housing.


                                                                              marine level sensor are used for sea water level measurement


With the accurate and reliable data provided by marine level sensor, correct operations of pump cooling system can be done and make sure the whole system is safe.


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