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Measuring Principle of RTD Temperature Sensor

July 22, 2020

With the development of temperature sensor, RTD temperature sensor is getting more and more attention. This includes how rtd sensor is measured. During the discussion, both engineers and buyers have different opinions about it, because only by understanding its basic principles can we correctly use and choose it.

No matter what others say about RTD temperature sensors, in my opinion, thermistors are certainly not as resistant to high temperatures as thermocouples. Therefore, I believe that the principle of thermal resistance measurement should be based on the temperature change of metal conductor or semiconductor, and it's resistance also changes with the characteristics of temperature measurement. The heated part of thermal resistance (temperature sensing element) is formed by evenly wrapping fine metal wire around the skeleton made of insulating material or through laser sputtering process in the substrate. When the measured medium has a temperature gradient, the measured temperature is the average temperature of the medium layer within the range of the temperature sensing element.My perspective may not be the same as yours, but everyone sees things differently.

In a word, you do not have to worry about how many RTD temperature sensor measurement principle, we just need to remember that the heat resistance of thermal resistance is not as strong as the thermocouple, but it's platinum thermal resistance precision and price is higher than the thermocouple.



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