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The Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter in Our Eyes

July 24, 2020

Being guided wave radar level transmitter or pulse radar level transmitter, most people will only from product to analyze the advantages of the product, but as consumers, we would like to know is the product of the shortcomings, because the development of radar level transmitter for so many years, it's technology and product characteristics about the same, but each sensor manufacturers to optimize the technical level is different, so we would prefer to know the overall analysis of guided wave radar level transmitter.

Up to now, the rise of the Internet has increased the transmission path of the guided wave radar level transmitter, and the display of text and video has disturbed our thoughts, thus causing us to be unable to correctly identify the reliability of current products. Thus, we need a correct direction of judgment. In my opinion, guided wave radar level transmitter is developed to make up for the shortcoming of pulse radar level transmitter. On the one hand, guided wave radar level transmitter is contact measurement, pulse radar level transmitter is non-contact measurement. The different measurement means that the guided wave radar sensor cannot measure the sanitary and viscous medium, but it has a strong inhibition to steam and foam. Secondly, it's low maintenance cost and high precision are also our favorites.

It has been proved that both the guided wave radar level transmitter and the pulse radar level transmitter have their own advantages, and different analysis has a direct impact on our values.