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Non-contact Ultrasonic liquid Level Meter for Channel Monitoring

December 25, 2020

With the continous social and indutrial developments, non-contact ultrasonic liquid level meter seems to be more important as more and more water is produced and drained to the underground channels every day. How to effectively monitor and control the water system by these devices is very important.

Non-contact Ultrasonic liquid Level Meter for Channel Monitoring

We recommend using a non-contact ultrasonic liquid level meter, considering excessive water flowing into or the blockage in the channel probably causes the overflow onto the street or the road, which will definitely affects the traffic and the people's health and safety. More importantly, when using it for the monitoring of these channels, you don't need to worry about the corrosion problem. This is a non-contact measuring method, though the water contains some corrosive chemicals, sticky components, the detection would not be affected. And there is no cleaning concern.

                                                               Water pressure data loggers are used for water level measurement


Besides liquid medium, solid medium can be also measured by non-contact ultrasonic liquid level meter. Due to its wide application scope, it's widely used in various industries by more and more people.


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