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Ultrasonic Level Meter for Flood Presentation and Control

December 24, 2020

Modern prevention of flood needs the anticipation of ultrasonic level meters. It is reported that as of December 20, the total number of people affected by the flood reached 33.9 million, the direct economic loss is close to $70 billion , and the number of the dead or missing reached 141.

Ultrasonic Level Meter for Flood Presentation and Control

One direct effective way to prevent such disaster is flood monitoring and alarm via ultrasonic level meters . But how to realize it? First ultrasonic level meters can be installed beyond rivers, channels and etc to monitor the water level change in real time. With the assistance of matching instrument or controller, we can set lower limit or upper limit. Once the water level is above or below the limit set, alarms can be sent out in a timely manner, so people can be warned in advance to take prompt actions. Besides, water level change curve and historical data can be used for data analysis.

Moreover, ultrasonic level meters can realize the linkage with the drainage pump station, and automatically control the start and stop of the pumps according to the water level of the river.

                                                        Water pressure data loggers are used for water level measurement

It seems these ultrasonic level meters may place a more and more important role in the future as according to the forecast, extreme weather phenomena are likely to appear more intensively in the future. Early prevention and control matters.


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