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Submersible Borehole Water Level Sensor For Underground Water Level Monitoring

December 23, 2019

The submersible borehole water level sensor is designed with its "lanky" appearance, so it is mainly used for monitoring underground water depth Wells and drilling fluid levels. What's more, the engineers took into account the peculiarity of the outdoor drilling platform, and in order to match the size of the Wells, the sensor was 19 millimeters in diameter. On the other hand, based on the principle of fluidics, it can effectively reduce the impact of water on the probe, thus improving the stability of measurement.

Due to the particularity of the measurement environment, the submersible borehole water level sensor adopts all-stainless steel laser welding structure and unique triple waterproof design. Therefore, its waterproofing grade is up to IP68, and these unique structures and designs can prevent groundwater residue and sediment from entering the sensor diaphragm, thus ensuring the sensor measurement accuracy. In addition, all underground water is not pure water. Engineers consider that the corrosion of perennial water will affect the durability of sensor cables. Therefore, the sensor cables adopt 5 reinforcing sealing processes, so as to ensure the service life of the sensor as long as 10 years and continuously subjected to gravity.

The submersible borehole water level sensor is not only used for underground water level monitoring, but also for sea water level measurement and monitoring.


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