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Submersible Ceramic Capacitive Level Transmitter For Salt Water Level Measurement

December 18, 2019

Using submersible ceramic capacitive level transmitter to measure salt water level is the best solution so far. We did a lot of experiments before, measuring salt water with ultrasonic sensors, and the sensors were quickly corroded by seawater. With the floating transmitter, its measuring range is limited and its sensitivity is not high. However, when I use the brand transmitter, it is not only expensive, but also looks ugly (measuring the level of the aquarium), and the actual effect is not up to my standard. Therefore, it is an urgent problem to find an submersible ceramic capacitive level transmitter with anti-corrosion.

Obviously, salt water is not corrosive to the submersible ceramic capacitive level transmitter, so it has a longer life. But another way to think about it, as a special measuring medium, the salinity of sea water can corrode other measuring equipment, leading to low accuracy of measuring instruments or stop working. Even though the level sensor supplier has repeatedly stated that the level sensor is made of stainless steel and will not rust when measuring salt water, the result is contrary to the fact. Secondly, the measurement range of the small range liquid level transmitter is limited, which cannot meet our needs. In the end, we chose the level sensor produced by the so-called century-old brand supplier. Their sensor is not only very expensive, but also the actual measurement accuracy does not meet our requirements. As they are suppliers of industrial transmitters, the appearance of sensors produced by them is completely designed according to industrial requirements, and the appearance is not beautiful.

And given the problems that I've had with you, I think there's only submersible ceramic capacitive level transmitter that can help you. It can not only measure salt water level, but also be used in brackish water level measurement, with a wide range of applications. Compared to other types of transmitters, it uses 316L stainless steel and can be customized for range. At the same time, its appearance design is very beautiful, both daily life measurement and industrial measurement provide an effective guarantee.


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