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HPT613-S Submersible Ceramic Capacitance Level Sensor

HPT613-S Submersible ceramic capacitance level sensor is a liquid level measuring instrument with high stability and precision. It adopts fully sealed 316SS stainless steel body and ceramic core body, high explosion-proof and easy to clean.

Application :

● Water level measure

● Corrosive liquid level measurement

● Level measurement in telecom base station

● Oil level measurement

01Surge protection from lightning strikes and voltage spikes
02Ceramic pressure cell resistant to 10x burst pressure
03Rugged design: Ingress protection up to IP 68
04Lightning (Surge) Protection
05Excellent Long Term Stability
06CE/ATEX Certificate approved

submersible level sensor for seawater level measurement

Technical Data


0~1,...200m H2O optional


4~20mA;4-20mA+HART;RS485 RTU Modbus


≤ ±0.25%F.S (Typical); ≤ ±0.1%F.S (optional) 

Working temperature

-20-80℃(Corrosive medium)                                                            

Power supply

7-30Vdc 12-30Vdc 3.5-36Vdc

Medium Compatible

Compatible with 316L Stainless Steel or Titanium Alloy& PTFE optional


CE,ExiaII CT6 Ga

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