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Submersible Level Sensor For Water Well Monitoring

November 18, 2022

Water supply companies and industrial and mining enterprises generally have a large number of water wells that are distributed scattered, and the following problems often exist

(1) The staff have to switch the pump from time to time

(2) The failure of the water pump cannot be found in time

(3) Operators need to be on duty 24 hours a day

(4) High management costs for personnel and transportation

The water well remote monitoring system is specially designed to solve the problems above. The main part of the system is a submersible type level sensor, which can continuously monitor the water level in the wells accurately. With the combination of wireless modules, control valves, and a cloud platform, we can form a remote monitoring system.

Holykell water well monitoring


System Functions

The system has the following functions

1. Remote monitor water pump's operating status and operating parameters.

2. Remote control the start and stop of the water pump.

3. Detect failures and alarm when it exceeds the limit, such as the water level.

4. Analyze the data for decision-making reference.

The water well remote monitoring system can extend more functions by adding other devices, such as electromagnetic flow meter for monitoring water flow data, one of the functions is that we can know the total water volume consumed in a certain period. The system greatly improves the water well management efficiency and greatly reduces management cost.


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