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What is An Electronic Pressure Switch?

November 17, 2022

An electric pressure switch is a device for pressure measurement, which uses a pressure sensor and conditioning electronics that can be configured to provide a switch output, an open or a close circuit using either a relay or NPN/PNP output.

It is also called a digital pressure switch that can include an LED or a LCD local display with buttons on the front side, which facilitates users to read and view the pressure data and configure or set on the site.

Holykell digital pressure switch for process control


Electronic pressure switch with display can output analog outputs, for example, 4-20 mA output, or digital signals, for examples, RS485. One switch or two switches are optional. Its main feature differ from other pressure sensors is its function to control the on and off of the system rather than simple pressure measurement.

Electric pressure switch applications are generally common in industrial fields, process control applications for high/low alarms, control, pressure monitoring and automation. They are also commonly used in conjunction with PLCs and other building control devices.


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