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Test Method of Digital Controllers and Recorders

April 20, 2022

Digital controllers and recorders are quite common in industrial measuring industry. They are used for detecting, measuring, observing, calculating, displaying or recording various physical quantities, components, physical parameters and so on.

To test if they are qualified, there are generally five methods as following:

1. Percussion or pressing method

We may encounter that the digital controllers and recorders generally run well but run bad sometimes. Most of this phenomenon is caused by poor contact or virtual welding. In this case, percussion and pressing by hand can be used. The percussion is to lightly knock the plug-in board or component through a small rubber cockroach or other object to see if this will cause an error or downtime. The pressing by hand means that when a fault occurs, after cutting off the power supply, the plugged parts, plugs and sockets are pressed firmly by hand, restart to try whether the fault will be eliminated.

2. Observation method

Observe, smell and touch. Sometimes, damaged components will discolor, blister or have burnt spots; burnt components will produce some special odor; short circuited chips will become hot; virtual soldering or desoldering can also be observed with the naked eye.

3. Exclusion method

We can judge the cause of the failure by plugging in some plug-in boards and devices. When the instrument returns to normal after a plug-in board or device is removed, we will know that the failure is caused here.

Holykell Digital controllers and recorders

4. Substitution method

Two instruments of the same model or sufficient spare parts are required. Replace a good spare with the same component on the faulty instrument to see if the fault is eliminated.

5. Contrast method

It is required to have two instruments of the same model, and one of them is in normal operation. Some necessary equipment are required, such as a multimeter, oscilloscope... According to the nature of comparison, there are voltage comparison, waveform comparison, output result comparison, current comparison and so on.

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