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The Working Principle of Metal Tube Rotameter

January 12, 2022

Metal tube rotameter, a variable area flow meter, is quite common in food plants, pharmacy, metallurgy, petrochemical industry. It is especially suitable for small DN pipes and low flow media flow measurement.

Metal tube rotameters work based on the principle of variable area. It consists of a tapered tube, typically made of steel with a float. The fluid in the metal tube raises the float in the tapered tube increasing the area of passage of fluid. By a magnetic coupling the inner float movement through a series of linkages and counter weight. The tube and the float combination determines the flow rate.

Holykell round and square metal tube rotameters

Why there are so many users choose metal tube rotameters? First, its robust metal construction enables it working at high temperature or in corrosive environment. Secondly, it has ExiaIICT6/ExdIICT6 approved for working in inflammable/explosive occasions. Thirdly, it has wide application range as it measures liquids, gases, steam. Besides, Holykell metal tube rotameter supports DC and battery dual power supply. And it is easy to install with little requirement on the straight pipe section.

With so many advantages, metal tube rotameters are becoming more and more popular in various industries.


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