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The best solution of sewage water level monitoring at pump station

December 16, 2019

Using submersible sewage water level sensor to monitor sewage water level monitoring at pump station is the best solution at present. This is due to different measurement environments and different needs. For water conservancy workers, sewage level monitoring and water quality exploration are their basic objectives, both to complete the water quality testing and sewage or waster water discharge in the entire area. Take into account the cost of sewage treatment. For business users, they only need to know the changes in the black water level at the pumping station and whether the sensor can be used easily. Therefore, the purpose of sewage level monitoring is different, and the demand for sewage level sensors is also different.

With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection, countries around the world have different standards for waste water treatment and emissions. Monitoring the sewage level change and emission standards of the pumping station is related to the economic development of a city. At the same time, if the liquid level change of the sewage cannot be known in time, the current sewage capacity information cannot be known, which brings great inconvenience to the staff.

The submersible sewage water level sensor can solve the biggest problem of the sewage level of the pump station. The HPT605 submersible sewage level sensor is designed for sewage level monitoring. The sensor has a diameter of 50 mm and the bottom of the sensor is designed with 20 air vents, without fear of any sludge environment. Designers consider different measurement environments, so this submersible sensor provides convenient battery and solar power (without any environmental pollution), and for harsh environments, the submersible sewage level transducer uses ceramic capacitors. The design and the triple-anti-sludge structure ensure stable operation of the sludge level transmitter.

There are so many best solutions of sewage water level monitoring at pump station, but choosing a practical submersible sewage level sensor is a wise choice!


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