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Wireless Level Monitoring in Oil Truck Level Measurement

December 16, 2019

There is the best way to use wireless level monitoring in oil truck level measurement. Compared with the submersible liquid level sensor, the wireless level sensor can not only remotely monitor oil level height, but also support ZigBee and GPRS wireless signals, so it is suitable for any system scheme.

The real reason why wireless level monitoring is widely used in oil truck level measurement is that wireless liquid level sensor is a complete wireless level measurement system composed of wireless data terminal transmission, liquid level sensor and PC server integrated monitoring software. On the one hand, it adopts the diffusion silicon chip with high precision and stability, and is equipped with a perfect wireless monitoring system, which can timely feed back the monitoring data to the user through the mobile and PC. On the other hand, ZigBee wireless communication module adopts 2.4GHz radio frequency transceiver and CSMA/CA conflict prevention mechanism, which not only avoids channel blocking and data loss caused by simultaneous data transmission, but also can real-time monitor (24/7 online) oil level change, so as to achieve the purpose of unmanned and remote monitoring of liquid level. In addition, it features low power supply, 3.6v and battery power to meet the needs of outdoor measurement. In addition, GPRS wireless signal not only supports 2G, 3G and 4G signals, but also can be applied to the commonly used Microsoft and android systems. Provide the best solution for the oil truck level measurement.

Up to now, wireless level monitoring is not only used for oil truck level measurement, but also widely used for water level control and corrosive liquid level measurement.


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