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What is 26G high frequency radar level transmitter?

February 13, 2020

The 26G high frequency radar level transmitter is a common type of radar level transmitter that uses a transmission frequency up to 26GHz, thus increasing the measurement distance and accuracy. Therefore, its antenna has been optimized, and the processor and chip have been improved accordingly, so that it can carry out higher rate signal analysis. Combined with these factors, its performance has been greatly improved, so that it can overcome more complex measurement environment to obtain more accurate measurement data.

Measuring principle of 26G high frequency radar level transmitter

When 26G high frequency radar level transmitter at work, it's antenna launch a narrow microwave pulse, sending them out by the antenna, microwave after come into contact with the surface of the measured medium is reflected, the radar antenna is receiving the microwave signal and transmitted to the electronic circuit parts, electronic circuit part of the automatic analysis of the signal is converted into a signal, because the electromagnetic wave propagation speed, so the process is almost instantly.

Characteristics of 26G high frequency radar level transmitters


  • By means of non-contact measurement, it has no wear on parts and can also avoid contaminating the medium.
  • It has a shorter wavelength and is better at reflecting off sloping solid surfaces.
  • It has a smaller blind spot and is more suitable for level measurement in small tanks.
  • 26G high frequency is the best choice for measuring solid and low dielectric constant medium.
  • It can be measured in environments with high corrosion, dust and foam.


In my opinion, both 26G high frequency radar level transmitters and low-frequency radar level transmitters have their own advantages. We only need to choose the appropriate radar level transmitetr according to the measuring environment.


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