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Why are multipurpose capacitance level sensors used in small tanks?

February 14, 2020

As the requirement for level measurement of small tanks increases, so does the use of multipurpose capacitance level sensors. However, the common capacitive liquid level sensor simply cannot meet the demand at present. This is because of a variety of measurement environments, resulting in a single type of capacitive level sensor can not be widely used. However, multipurpose capacitance level sensors can be used for fuel tanks (dynamic and static), water tanks and groundwater level monitoring. But there are has small number of people still don't understand what a multipurpose capacitance level sensor is.

What is a multipurpose capacitance level sensor?

The multipurpose capacitance level sensor is a measuring instrument based on the change of capacitance to measure the dielectric level in the container. Inside the container, a capacitive is formed by a wall made of electrodes and a conductive material. In short, if the dielectric constant of the medium under test is constant, a measurement voltage of a fixed frequency is applied to the electrode, and the current of the capacitive depends on the ratio formed between the capacitive electrodes. It is important to note that our engineers fully considering the current complicated and changeable environment, so the developed multipurpose capacitance level sensor, it can apply to below 3 meters level measurement of small tanks, it includes: the scope of application of fuel tanks (dynamic and static), water tanks, chemical storage tank and underground water level monitoring, etc.

The multipurpose capacitance level sensor may not be unique, but it is most suitable for small tank level measurement.


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