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What is a Precession Vortex Flow Meter?

August 29, 2022

Are you looking for a cost-effective flow monitoring device for compressed air/oxygen/biogas/natural gas/coal gas and other gases? Especially in trade settlement/oil field and gas transmission and distribution? Then you can try our intelligent precession vortex flow meter

What is a Precession Vortex Flow Meter?

Precession vortex flow meter, like vortex flow meter, is a kind of velocity flow meter. It has two types, intelligent type for various gases measurement and the other only for steam measurement.Holykell precession vortex flow meter HVPF belongs to intelligent type.

precession vortex flow meter

How it Works?

When the fluid passes through the vortex generator composed of helical blades, the fluid is forced to violently rotate around the axis of the generator and forms vortex. When the fluid enters the diffusion section, the vortex flow begins secondary rotation which is caused by backflow, forming a gyroscopic vortex precession phenomenon. The flow is obtained through detection element detecting the precession frequency of the secondary rotation of the fluid.


Precession vortex flow meter measures flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously. It adopts EEPROM technology, making it convenient to set parameters and the historical data can be saved for one year. Flow meter head can rotate 360°. With our data collector, remotely transmit data through the Internet or telephone network; Power consumption is low, battery or external power supply available. Measurement is accurate thank to the leading intelligent seismic technology that can effectively suppress the vibration and pressure fluctuation caused by interference. Pulse frequency/4~20 mA analog signal/RS485 output signals available, transmission distance 1.2 km max.


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