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What is Submersible Pressure Transducer?

June 24, 2020

Although the utilization rate of the submersible pressure transducer is not as high as that of the submersible level sensor, it's market share is not small. After many years of technical innovation, the current measuring equipment is well developed, including the submersible pressure transducer. But in Southeast Asia, where it's presence is low, most engineers prefer to use submersible level sensors.

Thus, the main market of submersible pressure transducer is in Europe and America. Therefore, in order to make more people know about submersible pressure sensors, I thought I would give my opinion here. Submersible pressure transducer is a kind of measuring liquid level sensor, based on the principle of static pressure measurement, through the sensor probe will be introduced to the liquid pressure sensor of positive pressure, and then connected the atmospheric pressure and negative pressure sensor on the surface of the liquid, in order to offset the sensor on the back of the air pressure, air pressure measurement results can be got at last.

Through careful discrimination, it is not difficult to see that the submersible pressure transducer and submersible level sensor use method is similar. The simplest way to distinguish it is: the submersible pressure transducer measures the pressure of the liquid, and the sbmersible level sensor measures the height of the liquid.




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