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Why High Temperature Pressure Sensors Used in Industrial Process

May 31, 2021

High temperature pressure sensor is a type of pressure sensor which can be used in high temperature applications. And they are commonly used in industrial field, laboratory pressure calibration system, nautical and shipbuilding, aviation and aircraft manufacturing, air separation equipment and thermal power units, etc.

Our standard ranges of pressure sensors are usually directly compatible for use with media whose temperatures are 125°C max, while our high temperature pressure sensors accept media up to 200°C when some applications require. Standard pressure sensors can't work in high temperature as the heat would damage the diaphram of the sensor, which would further affect the sensor's accuracy and stability.

                                                                                 high temperature pressure sensors are used for pressure measurement

When we offer a special configuration featuring the high temperature pressure sensor body, the heat from the medium would have been cooled down to some extent before reaching the diaphram.

We have different high temperature pressure sensors available to fit your various applications. And customization is provided for some parameters.


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