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Refrigerant Pressure Sensor V.S Pressure Switch in Refrigeration System

June 18, 2021

In refrigeration system, refrigerant pressure sensors and pressure switches are very common. So, what's the difference between the two?

Refrigerant pressure sensors are dedicated for refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC system. They are composed of a pressure-sensitive element and a conversion circuit, which applies the pressure of the measured medium on the pressure-sensitive element to produce a small change in current or voltage output, providing continuous pressure monitoring and control. While pressure switches are a functional switch that automatically turns on or off when the set value is reached according to the set pressure. They're only turned on or off when a preset pressure value is given. They're on-off outputs!

                                                                              Refrigerant pressure sensors are used for pressure measurement

Holykell refrigerant pressure sensors can work under low temperature for a long time(-35℃~-40℃) and provides high accuracy for pressure measurement. They are vital to the function of all refrigeration systems and help control the very function by which refrigeration system operates.