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Wireless Monitoring for Low-power Water Supply Network

July 01, 2022

In recent years, with the economic and informatization development, urban water affairs informatization has been developed a lot. The ""Internet"" and big data have provided technical support for the development of smart water affairs. Energy saving, consumption reduction and cost reduction have always been the top priorities of water supply companies. While the existing urban water pipe network has the following main problems.

1. Some monitoring wells are located in the center of the road, which cannot break the road and cannot supply electricity; 2. The pressure monitoring well is wet and often flooded; 3. Metal manhole cover shields GPRS signal; 4. The pipeline network facilities are old, and the maintenance is challenging and costly; 5. Water supply scheduling and emergency repair pressure.

water level and rainfall monitoring solution

To solve these problems, Holykell presents a wireless water piping monitoring solution. It combines technologies such as Internet of Things technology, sensor technology, cloud computing technology, etc.. The ultra-low power sensor technology is used to monitor the pressure of the pipe network in real time, and combined with the Internet of Things technology, the data is wireless transmitted to the Internet of Things cloud platform, and the data is integrated, analyzed and judged through the platform function of the Internet of Things.

Through the system, we can know the pressure of the piping 24/7 remotely via a mobile phone or a PLC. And by presetting the upper/lower limits, the system will issue alarms when it exceeds the value. Meanwhile, we can expand other devices, such as a flow meter, to monitor the water flow at the same time. This will be the trend for water piping monitoring in the near future.


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