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Holykell Group Birthday Party

July 04, 2022

Last Friday, Holykell held a group birthday party for those whose birthday is in June. Birthdays are a very special day for everyone who celebrates it. It makes the person feel loved especially when their close ones do something special for them.

Holykell birthday party

Different from other parties, this party invites all the office employees to make delicious food. All are divided into 4 teams of activity. Team 1 makes egg tarts, Team 2 barbecues, Team 3 makes milk tea and Team 4 cooks pizza. The Dining room is full of aroma. And everybody is busy making the food and enjoying various items. We have a special birthday celebration.

Every month, we all become eager to celebrate birthday for the colleagues who were born in that month. Being loved and being in Holykell are the most beautiful things in the world.


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