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How tape rell depth water level meter works

September 28, 2021

With the increasing popularity of tape rell depth water level meter, many people began to pay attention to the operation and maintenance of water level meter. Because different manufacturers make water meters that not only look different, but operate in different ways. Therefore, in order to adapt to different types of water level meter, we should master its operation methods and maintenance, so as to solve the product problems in the first time in the future.

Operating method of tape rell depth water level meter

Based on measurement in a wide range of standard, the tape rell depth water level meter at the time of measurement, by adjusting the wire spool of cable length, and press the power button, and then hands slowly sinking speed regulating probe, once the probe contact point contact to the surface of the receiving system alarm will be issued a continuous hum, at this time for the distance of the liquid level can be accurate readings.

Maintenance of tape rell depth water level meter

As long as the water level meter is working, its parts will wear out. This is not a product quality control problem, and the inevitable physical characteristics of the product. Therefore, by learning the following methods, we can reduce the maintenance cost.

1. The tape rell depth water level meter is equipped with 9V alkaline battery. After each measurement, the power switch should be turned off immediately. If the battery needs to be replaced, we need to unscrew the panel.

2. Avoid the probe of the water level meter to be directly affected by gravity and disassemble the probe privately to prevent the measurement accuracy from being reduced.

3. At the end of product measurement, wipe the cable and probe with a dry towel and dry them naturally.

Although the detailed answers are shared, there is much more to the tape rell depth water level meter that needs our attention and summary.