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Submersible sewage water level transducer for municipal sewage

September 28, 2021

Based on various sewage treatment schemes, we usually choose the submersible sewage water level transducer to complete the measurement. However, with the improvement of residents' living standard, the submersible type sewage water level transducer is not only limited to the measurement of industrial wastewater, but also "shoulders" the mission of measuring municipal sewage. As is known to all, although both municipal sewage and industrial wastewater are polluted water, there are great differences between them from the perspective of environmental protection.

Why must select submersible sewage water level transducer to measure municipal sewage?

As far as I know, the reasons for choosing the submersible sewage water level transducer are as follows. First, in general, submersible sewage water level transducers not only cost less, but also cost less to maintain. Second, compared with ultrasonic and radar level meter, it has great advantage on the accuracy of measurement, the highest accuracy can be 0.1% FS submersible type water level sensor, and non-contact measurement is there are a lot of blind spot defects (not the cause of product quality control), with wide measurement range, the measuring blind spot will get bigger, at the same time, it will reduce the accuracy of measurement. Thirdly, since it is the municipal sewage measurement, the noisy measurement environment is inevitable, but the ultrasonic liquid level sensor is not able to complete the measurement in the noisy environment and dust environment, but, regardless of the environmental factors, the non contact ultrasonic liquid level meter is more suitable for small range liquid level measurement. Fifth, most of the world's cities are powered by wind power or solar power. This kind of renewable power generation not only brings convenience to residents, but also avoids urban pollution. The purpose of the two is the same. Finally, it is worth noting that the submersible sewage water level transducer is specially designed for sewage level measurement, which cannot be replaced by other types of sensors.

I can't say that the submersible sewage water level transducer is the only option for measuring municipal sewage, but it is the most reasonable option for measuring municipal sewage, industrial wastewater or agricultural sediment water.