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Explosion proof ultrasonic level meters used in fuel treatment

September 28, 2021

With the increase of the protection consciousness of oil exploitation, the explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter is particularly important. For most oil producers and gas stations, securing the lives of their employees and capturing and transporting crude are two things that must be done now. But for the various oil level measuring instruments on the market, they do not know how to choose, some people do not even realize the importance of explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter.

For ordinary people, perhaps the explosion - proof ultrasonic level meter is not important. But it is essential for oil explorers and gas station workers on the front lines. Because oil is a flammable and explosive substance, it can burn in water for several hours and still not go out, so its devastating disaster is incalculable. As we all know, fires in Australia in 2019 continued to burn for months, and the devastation caused by the fires was enough to warrant our attention. So predictability and judgment about everything is very important, and it's the same in industrial measurement.

Although the explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter cannot extinguish the fire, it can measure the fuel level and prevent product damage and economic loss due to external factors. It can monitor the change of fuel level in real time by non-contact measurement. This contactless method is generally used to measure liquid level over a small range.If it is a truck tank level measurement, you can choose the capacitance level sensor to monitor the tank truck oil volume change. On the other hand, submerisble fuel level sensors are usually used for large ranges. Although the magnetostrictive liquid level probe works well, it is not suitable for everyone to use because of its high maintenance cost and price.

In conclusion, this is why I recommend the explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter. As for the "relentless attack" of the coronavirus and the us flu in 2020, we will not only grieve and pray, but most importantly keep our lives safe and pay tribute to the medical staff on the front lines!


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