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HOLYKELL Sensors Warranty

Ⅰ. Warranty Period

1. For pressure sensor, and pressure level sensor, we are offer 18 months warranty period in general environment, 12 months warranty period in special environment.

2. For Flow meters, we are offer 12 months warranty period.

3. For Capacitance level sensors, we offer 12months warranty period.

4. For Radar Level/Distance Meters, we are offer 12months warranty period.

5. For ultrasonic sensors, we are offer 12 months warranty period.

6. For other products, like digital display controller, we are offer 12 months warranty.

Ⅱ. Warranty Span

1. Component replacement: including sensor cells, PCBA, Housing, wires, cable etc.

2. Component repair: including PCBA, Housing, cable etc.

3. Replacement new one. (If any component can’t repair)

Ⅲ. How to Distinguish the Damage Reason

1. HOLYKELL will check the manufacturing date, appearance and internal structure of the sensor which returned to the factory and distinguish the problem caused by the product quality or by improper operation (Man-made damage).

2. If the product damage caused by the product quality or defect within the warranty period, HOLYKELL will offer free maintenance service and shipment repaired sensor back to customer or put together with the next new order to customer.

3. If the damage caused by improper operation within the warranty period, user will just pay components and materials cost, the maintenance service will be free. (Beside the irreparable product).

4. If the damage caused by improper operation and exceeds the warranty period, customer will pay the components and materials cost, also pay maintenance fee or give up failure sensor and purchase new one.

Ⅳ. About Delivery Expense

During the warranty period:

Customers should be deliver damaged sensors to HOLYKELL and HOLYKELL will return the repaired or replacement sensors to customers.

For mass order or bulk installed products request at least every six months to return the damaged sensors together, besides the products that near warranty valid time.

For those products exceed the warranty period:

Customers should be bear fee for deliver damaged sensors back and forth; HOLYKELL will repair at cost price or replace it with new sensor to customer at previous price.

Ⅴ. Warranty Steps (flow-process diagram)


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Remark: Any feedback about the performance, quality and design of products, welcome to contact us, so that HOLYKELL will improving and upgrade our products to meeting more requirements of project and industry.

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