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Aspects for Selecting Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Aug 11 , 2023

Today we are talking about some skills before selecting an electromagnetic flow meter. The following apsects can be considered before product selection.

Aspects for Selecting Electromagnetic Flow Meters

1. Application overview

Electromagnetic flow meters are used in a wide range of fields. According to the application occasions, there are large caliber, medium caliber, small caliber and micro caliber. Among them, large caliber flowmeter are mostly used in water supply and drainage, and medium and small calibers are often used in solid-liquid fluids or applications with high requirements. Small and micro calibers are often used in sanitary industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and bioengineering.

2. Accuracy and function

Electromagnetic flow meter on the market vary in terms of precision and functions. We can choose according to our demands. For example, high-precision flow meters are suitable for trading. The functions include one-way flow, and output signals, automatic check and fault self-diagnosis, communication with host computer and motion configuration…

3. Flow rate, full scale flow, range and caliber

We should the size of the electromagnetic flow meter according to flow rate.

4. Liquid conductivity

The premise of using an electromagnetic type flow meter is that the liquid to be measured must be conductive and cannot be lower than the threshold. If the conductivity is lower than the threshold value, it will cause measurement error and even cannot be used.

5. The liquid contains bubbles

The tiny bubbles mixed into the bubbly flow can still work normally, but the measured volume flow is the mixed volume flow containing the bubble volume; if the bubbles are too big, the flow meter will not work properly.

6. Precipitation

When measuring fluids that are easy to adhere to the pipe wall, and the substance is conductive with higher conductivity than the liquid, the signal potential will be short-circuited and cannot work. Therefore ,it is recommended to clean and maintain the electromagnetic flow meters regularly.

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