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Best Way to Fuel Tank Level Measurement

Aug 11 , 2023

There is the best way to measure fuel tank level. The submersible fuel level sensor can not only measure the change of fuel level, but also measure the level of corrosive medium. But some users believe that wireless liquid level measurement can better meet their needs, thanks to wireless transmission and Internet technology to some extent to provide measurement speed and reduce labor costs. However, from the perspective of measurement principle, wireless liquid level measurement has shortcomings.

Fuel tank level measurement is a long term topic. Because of submersible fuel level sensor is a pressure sensor to measure the fuel level, which can convert the changes of various material level parameters into standard current signals and send them to the operation control room for centralized display, alarm or automatic control by secondary instrument or computer. Its good structure and installation mode, can be applied to high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, easy crystallization, anti-blocking, anti-cold junction and solid powder, granular materials and other special conditions of the liquid level, material level or material level continuous detection, can be widely used in various industrial process detection and control.However, the wireless and acoustic signals emitted by the wireless level sensor are affected by the magazine inside the tank, and it cannot measure the foam level. Secondly, the accuracy and stability of the sensor will be affected if the temperature difference is large.

This is the only way to measure fuel tank level at present. But with the development of technology, there may be has new ways in the future.


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