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Borehole Level Sensor In Petroleum Exploration Survey

Aug 11 , 2023

Borehole level sensor is mainly used in petroleum exploration survey in modern industrial. But as demand for unconventional drilling sensors grows, engineers are optimizing the function of borehole level sensors. Drillers use different level sensors and controllers to drill for oil and gas, so this high-tech measurement technology not only achieves resource extraction, but also protects the environment.

The real purpose of borehole level sensor well is: first, to prove the existence of oil or gas, and analyze the oil sample data from which to obtain the underground oil reserves. Second, measure the depth of oil and water edges. Third, oil extracted from underground rock formations has to go through multiple tests and data aggregation to meet living needs. From the above purposes of drilling, the borehole fluid level sensor is one of the main measuring instruments for drilling tasks, which needs to be equipped with the drilling platform and system to complete the drilling work. In addition, in the exploration of underground oil, groundwater and rock will affect the progress of the exploration, which means that borehole fluid level sensor is an essential oil exploration instrument.

Oil exploration needs cannot be met with a single borehole level sensor. We need to choose different level sensors according to different measuring environment and medium.


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