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Capacitive Level Sensors Help Fleet Management

Aug 11 , 2023

Fleet management may help reduce the age of your fleet within your budget, and our capacitive level sensors can help you reduce your budget.

                                                                 Capacitive Level Sensors Help Fleet Management


Capacitive Level Sensor Used in Fleet Truck Oil Tank

Capacitive level sensors are devices that can be placed in your truck oil tank to measure your fuel level. They are operated by two electrodes forming a capacitor, often in the form of two parallel metal plates with insulating (non-conductive or “dielectric”) material separating them.

What We Benefit from Capacitive Level Sensors?

Due to the material used and the working principle, capacitive level sensors have various advantages:

1.Own simple structure without moving parts, strong adaptability and high precision, and can work in harsh environments such as high and low temperature.

2.Good dynamic response. Because the electrostatic attraction between the plates is very small, with small action energy required, their natural frequency is very high, and the dynamic response time is short, so it is especially suitable for dynamic measurement, such as in a moving truck.

3.They can work with Tracer – Real Time Vehicle Tracking System to provide vehicle positioning information so you can better monitor and manage your fleet.

4.Reasonable price, which equals to a soft toy in a shop. And they can work for you for several years.

Besides, the capacitive level sensors not only measures oil or fuel, but water. Water level measurement using capacitive sensors is also common in various industries, providing same benefits.


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