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Capacitive fuel level probe used in oil tank truck

Aug 11 , 2023

Capacitive fuel level probes are widely used in oil tank truck. However, someone told me that the tank level can also be measured using submersible fuel level sensor. Although both level sensors can measure oil, the product function is different from working condition. Even if the measuring medium is the same, there is an essential difference.

Capacitive fuel level probe can be used in the fuel tank truck, its fundamental reason lies in the product shape design and practical measurement purposes. On the one hand, the capacitive fuel level probe is mounted vertically in the tank to ensure accurate measurement. On the other hand, it has a built-in GPS locator that can monitor changes in oil levels in real time to prevent drivers from stealing oil or leaking tanks. What's more, by positioning and tracking, we can know the tanker's route in real time and prevent accidents from happening. If the submersible fuel level sensor is installed in the tank, it must fix the top of the tank opening to avoid shaking of the medium on the sensor, which would affect the accuracy. Secondly, the fuel level sensor of the submersible type is not suitable for tank level measurement, because the tank measuring range is less than 3 meters, the measurement data of the submersible type sensor within this measuring range is inaccurate. What's more, it can't connect to the internet or track the truck's location.

Capacitive fuel level probe is designed for tank level measurement. It's just that there's still room for improvement to meet our more measured needs.

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