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Closer touch with submersible water pressure level transmitter

Aug 11 , 2023

The submersible water pressure level transmitter is a sensor for measuring pressure and level. Based on the principle that the static pressure of the measured liquid has a linear relationship with the height of the liquid, an isolated diffusion silicon sensitive element or a ceramic capacitor pressure sensitive sensor is used to convert the static pressure to an electrical signal, and then converted into a 4-20mADC standard current signal output through temperature compensation and linear correction. In this way, we can directly monitor and control the liquids level.

The submersible water pressure level transmitter is widely used in our daily life and is not as strange as we think. From industries such as marine, manufacturing, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, and fuel and energy management we can see the shadow of level measurement. Liquid level transmitter is mainly used to measure the fuel oil level (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, etc.) in oil level storage, water tank, groundwater, river and lake level measurement, as well as urban water supply, sewage plants, water treatment, liquid level monitoring of edible beverages in the sanitary industry, and water conservancy and flood prevention projects.

The common submersible water pressure level transmitter on the market is HPT604 water level measurement at present. It has a high-performance US imported piezoresistive silicon sensor as a measuring element. It accurately measures the linear relationship between the liquid level depth and the static pressure, and converts it into a standard (current or voltage) signal output through a signal conditioning circuit. The linear relationship between the output signal and the liquid level is established to realize the measurement of the liquid level depth. This sensor is made of 316L SS full-body stainless steel and has a fully sealed and welded structure. It can be subjected to gravity for a long time and can be continuously immersed for up to 10 years. Detachable eight-hole probe, effectively prevent the blockage of the medium, IP68 waterproof grade, effective waterproof and moisture-proof. PUR anti-corrosive cable, durable. At the same time, this sensor can also realize a variety of deformations, and achieve more professional and targeted measurement for different working conditions. In short, this sensor has high accuracy, small size, easy to use directly, stable and reliable performance, and can be used in harsh environments for a long time.


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