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Common Problems and Troubleshooting of Radar Level Sensor

Aug 11 , 2023

Radar level sensor is a perfect device for liquid level measuring and control. Thanks to its high continuous measurement accuracy and wide measuring range, it is common in liquid monitoring and control of various liquids and solids.

While due to the lack of experience and professional guidance, when radar level sensor failures occur, they cannot be solved in time and effectively. Today we are going to share some common failures and troubleshooting as follows:

Failure 1:The status shows abnormal

Action 1:The range of the radar level sensor used does not meet the conditions of use;Replace another sensor with a proper measuring range.

Common Problems and Troubleshooting of Radar Level Sensor

Failure 2. Its working voltage is unstable.

Action 2: Check whether the power supply is stable.

Failure 3: The radar level gauge displays "blind zone".

Action 3: If the probe is scarred or blocked, clean the probe or remove the cover; if the sensor is improperly installed, reinstall or adjust the sensor shell; Check whether the upper limit of the measurement is set properly, if not, reset the upper limit.

Failure 4: There is no display on the screen after booting.

Action 4: The installation height of the radar level sensor is smaller than the actual one. We can easily solve this problem by resetting the installation height; If it is the sensor whose correction coefficient is set incorrectly, we must accurately measure the actual installation height and reset the parameters.


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