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Daily maintenance of submersible level depth measurement

Aug 11 , 2023

Submersible levle depth measurement is widely used in urban water supply, sewage treatment,ponds,fuel tanks,hydrogeology,rivers and oceans fields. It has an irreplaceable position in the level measurement.

When using the submersible level depth measurement to monitor, to make a long and accurate measurement,we need pay attention to the maintenance of it:

1. Clean once a month

2. When cleaning, first open the screw cap of the input transmitter, carefully take out the level sensor, and then remove the impurities attached to it.

3. When cleaning the pressure sensor hole, you can use trichloroethylene or alcohol to inject the pressure transmitter hole to its height 1 /2 soaked for about 5 minutes, and then slightly shake and repeat multiple times until it is cleaned. Do not use any appliance to clean the pressure-inducing hole to avoid damaging the sensitive core pressure-sensitive diaphragm.

4. When cleaning the pressure interface and pressure hole of the transmitter, do not use excessively hard brushes or metal tools to avoid damaging the sensitive core and pressure interface threads.

5. After cleaning, put the liquid level sensor back into the iron pipe slowly, feel that the lower part of the iron pipe has been placed, and install the screw cap back to the original place.

Submersible level depth measurement has a lot of advatages in the level measuring and monitoring: high quality piezoresistive pressure sensor,good stability and high accuracy up to 0.25%F.S, convenient installation and use, delicate structure to be able to use in small diameter underground water well, solid state and no moving parts to provides high reliability and long service life. Meanwhile, it has linear compensation and overload current limit protection to make sure the transmitter is not easy to be damaged. But because of the influence of external factors such as medium and environment during using, we need to know the basic maintenance technique so that the sensors can be used better and longer.


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