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Different Electromagnetic Water Flow Meters Chosen for Different Applications

Aug 11 , 2023

Different types of electromagnetic water flow meters should be selected and used in different occasions. Today we mainly explain the key points to select a right electromagnetic flow meter.

1. In industries such as food, beverage and medicine, the sensor of the electromagnetic flow meter is required to be easily disassembled so as to make it easier to clean and to conduct steam sterilization regularly. Therefore, in the sanitary industry, electromagnetic flow meters must meet sanitary specifications.

2. In metallurgy, papermaking, sewage treatment and etc, electromagnetic flow meters are generally separated and large-diameter flanged; in biomedicine, chemical and other industries, small-diameter, integrated flow meters installed by clamp-on are used.

3. In some special occasions, such as explosion-proof occasions, the flow meter requires good explosion-proof and flame-proof performance. In these occasions, the energy of the exciting current is very large.With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more competent electromagnetic flow meters are created and used in the danger zone.

4. The electromagnetic water flow meters used in the channels are submersible, mainly in industrial drainage and sewers. Its sensor are generally installed under the baffle of the open channel and immersed in the water for a long time. Therefore, the related IP rating should be met.

                       Different Electromagnetic Water Flow Meters Chosen for Different Applications

Electromagnetic water flow meters vary according to different occasions. Generally, they are divided into integrated electromagnetic flow meters, split electromagnetic flow meters, in-line electromagnetic flow meters, and so on. Different types work fine in different occasions, selecting a right product is important.


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