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Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Chemical Industry

Aug 11 , 2023

Electromagnetic flow meter, as one of the most popular device to measure the flow rate of liquid, can measure the flow of conductive media, including various acid, alkaline, saline solution, water, sewage, various slurries and etc.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Chemical Industry

Recently several electromagnetic flow meters from Holykell are applied in the water supply pipelines for flushing lock bucket of gasifier in a coal chemical factory. The pipeline is full of grey water which contains many particles and impurities, similar to a slurry fluid. The flow meters used by this factory previously could not work any more as the liners were damaged during cleaning process. What the factory used was ordinary flow meter suitable for water measurement, while in this application, the medium is different, and big output fluctuation existed in the measurement. Thus not only the data collected was not accurate but also the service life is greatly shortened.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Chemical Industry

On the contrary, Holykell would propose the most suitable electromagnetic flow meter according to the specific application. With the correct flow meter used, the accuracy and service life is guaranteed.

Except applied in chemical industry, electromagnetic flow meter can be also widely used in papermaking, mining and metallurgy, urban water supply and drainage, environmental protection, water conservancy, steel, petroleum, pharmaceuticals and other industrial fields.


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