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Factors affecting ultrasonic liquid level meters

Aug 11 , 2023

Although the ultrasonic liquid level meter can be applied to most of the operating conditions. However, during the actual measurement, we found that external factors such as agitation, blind spots, pressure and temperature (except for steam and foam) would affect the measurement accuracy. Therefore, in order to improve the accuracy of measurement, I have the following suggestions for your reference.

Ultrasonic liquid level meter for cement mixer. The speed of the mixer is very fast, and the fluctuation range of the liquid will increase, which will affect the stability of the sensor. Under this working condition, we can appropriately reduce the speed of the mixer or shift the probe away from the stirring center, which can also be solved by installing the static tube, all of which can effectively eliminate the influence of the mixer on the liquid level measurement.

Ultrasonic liquid level meter to measure the process of liquid level, often encountered foam interference. Foam can be divided into: dry, wet, neutral, heavy four kinds. Dry foam and wet foam can reflect back the ultrasonic wave, so the ultrasonic level meter to measure without influence. The neutral foam will absorb and diffuse part of the ultrasonic wave, which will weaken the ultrasonic reflection, resulting in unstable echo.Therefore, when the surface of the medium is thick and thick foam, the measurement error of ultrasonic level meter will be larger, and even cannot be measured.

When the ultrasonic liquid level meter is used in a high temperature environment, the liquid medium is prone to produce steam or fog. Since the vapor is lighter than air, it will float up to the top of the tank, forming a layer of vapor that can absorb and scatter the ultrasonic pulse. The influence of steam layer on measurement can be reduced or weakened by adding static tube.

The ultrasonic wave emitted by the probe of the ultrasonic liquid level meter is a mechanical wave, so it cannot travel in a vacuum and thus cannot be measured in a sealed tank. Secondly, the best solution to the blind spot of ultrasonic liquid level meter is to shorten the measuring range. These methods can help us to improve the stability and accuracy of ultrasonic level meter.


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