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Flat Diaphragm Pressure Sensor Used in Brewery

Aug 11 , 2023

There are a lot of pressure sensors on the market while generally the flat diaphragm pressure sensor might be the first choice for sanitary industry, like food, beverage and brewery.

Flat Diaphragm Pressure Sensor Used in Brewery

Recently, a beer factory changes to use a flat diaphragm pressure sensor for the pressure monitoring of water used for their automatic equipment cleaning system. As you may know that the equipment for making beer and beer bottles must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized during specific process as per the regulation and specification. How much water is used to clean them must be strictly controlled and monitored. This sensor can help precisely control the water amount used, which directly decides the cleaning degree.


Flat Diaphragm Pressure Sensor Used in Brewery


Flat diaphragm pressure sensors feature a flat diaphragm which is specially designed and made to try to reduce the contamination on the medium to be measured, especially some thick liquid. And they are easy to clean and can prevent from clogging, which solve the main concern of some manufacturers.

Besides, why many manufactures choose flat diaphragm pressure sensor lies on that high temperature process exist during food or beer manufacturing, normal pressure sensors are not suitable. This kind of sensor can endure high temperature up to 150 ℃ and also features wide range of temperature compensation, which can well protect the diaphragm and minimize the impact on the core.


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