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Fuel Sensor for Oil Tank Trucks

Aug 11 , 2023

Fuel sensor is a crucial device for oil tank trucks since they are generally engaged in the transportation of inflammable and explosive materials, which are highly dangerous. Any carelessness or misoperation would pose great hidden danger to the social safety.

Fuel Sensor for Oil Tank Trucks

The crucial device, fuel sensor, is actually a submersible level sensor which is installed inside the tanks. Everyone knows that the internal fuel level conditions of fuel or oil storage tanks are very complicated. The physical characteristics of oil or fuel not only change with the place of production, but also have a great relationship with the climate. At the same time, the pressure in the tank changes, the water vapor also have a great impact on liquid level measurement.

                                                                                  Fuel Sensor for Oil Tank Trucks

The fuel sensor is immersed in the oil and can collect the oil level data which can be displayed on the instrument and meanwhile,the liquid level alarm function can be carried out, so before the vehicle reaches the destination, when the oil level fluctuates significantly, it can realize alarm.

With the assistance of fuel sensor, oil tank can be well monitored and potential risks can be greatly controlled and minimized.


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