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Fuel Tank Liquid Level Meter In Gas Station

Aug 11 , 2023

The fuel tank liquid level meter has been used for fuel level monitoring at the gas station tank. This is because gasoline is a flammable substance, the ignition point is relatively high, and the pressure in the tank and the change in the outside temperature will change the state of the gasoline. In addition, in most cases, we see that gasoline tanks are generally buried under the ground, and oil suppliers hope to ensure the safety of oil supplies by reducing interference from external factors. However, there are defects in the underground oil tanks. The gas station staff must monitor the storage capacity in the oil tanks in real time so as to promptly notify the supplier to add new fuel.

Fuel tank liquid level meters have other advantages. Due to the large weight of underground tank and confined space, the staff could not clean the gasoline tank. It is worth mentioning that because the level of refining in different countries is different, there is a huge difference in the oil they produce. From the crude oil refining to the middle of tank transportation, the quality of the oil will be caused by the time of refining and the weather. at this point, the gas station requires fuel tank liquid level sensor probe cannot appear in the process of measuring the second pollution, on the other hand, it can also achieve the goal of no clean.

The fuel tank liquid level meter is designed for tank level measurement of gas station. Because of its 316L fully sealed stainless steel construction and elongated exterior design, it can measure static or dynamic oil levels.


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