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Gas Mass Flow Meter Used in Trade Settlement

Aug 11 , 2023

To meet the increasing demand for natural gas while also battling against cost pressures and environmental sensitivities, there is a need for using professional gas mass flow meters in the trade settlement.

Firstly, gas mass flow meters have the highest accuracy level among all the flow meters,up to +/- 0.1%. Precision matters in trade settlement and as of today, other types of flow meter can't reach such grade. Secondly, this type of flow meter can show the mass and volume of gas and fluid, which challenges other types of flow meters, such as orifice flow meter, tubine flow meter, etc. This is especially important in scientific research, production process control, quality management and trade settlement. What's more, accumulated and instantaneous mass/flow, medium temperature,medium density and other data can be viewed on the display directly.

                                                                   Gas Mass Flow Meter Used in Trade Settlement

Besides, gas mass flow meters have different types for different applications . Through this flow meter, an intelligent measurement solution is provided and it also ensures accurate and reliable measurement of natural gas flow.


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