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Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor Used in Reactors

Aug 11 , 2023

The chemical and pharmaceutical factories have various reactors where hold materials and products with corrosiveness and irritant, guided wave radar level sensor, as a level measuring instrument, is able to withstand the corrosion and hard requirements in the industry which challenges other ordinary level meter.

Guided Wave Radar Installation

Guided wave radar level sensors are generally installed at the top of reactors. Part of reactors in chemical and pharmaceutical industries are complex, some materials are explosive, flammable or corrosive. During manufacturing process, the temperature may be high up to 100℃, and condensation and crystallization occur in some processes. Normal submersible level sensor can't meet relative requirements.

Guided Wave Radar for Reactors

However, guided wave radar level sensor can work and work fine in such occasion. Thanks to its working principle and advanced technology, it would not be affected by dust, vapor, condensation and foam.

Two Connection Modes Available

With the special advantages, guided wave radar level sensor is specially suitable for various reactors. And two connection modes, flange or thread, are available. Just choose according to the specific applications.


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